Monday, 15 January 2018

Armies on Parade: Imperial Japanese Army for World War 2.

Banzai - Banzai - Banzai!!!

Mighty Japan!This is my second and largest Bolt Action force and the most triumphant so far: I won Bolt Action tournament with it. Several battles have been fought with them and more is coming with the New Guinea Campaign proceeding. 68 miniatures were finished for this army during 2017!
Note the new approach to basing 3 - 2 -1 to make small dioramas

Thursday, 11 January 2018

Armies on Parade: Commonwealth forces in World War 2

British army without so many Brits

This project started long ago by painting a unit of Gurkhas, but with the release of Australian forces and New Guinea Campaign Book it really kicked of during 2017 and 53 models were either painted from the scratch or finished (more Gurkhas).

So far they've only fought one battle as a force, but more will certainly come this spring as we continue the New Guinea campaign. Read on see more pics of the army.

Tuesday, 9 January 2018

Summary of Hobby Year 2017

A very active Year of Hobby again

What a great year of gaming indeed...

I've played almost 20 different systems (OK, one of them is a board game - Blood Rage, but it oo has cool minis to paint!) and played almost 70 games during the year! Read on learn more about my gaming year, painting results and how this blog has developed.

Saturday, 6 January 2018

Play testing Rebels & Patriots - new ruleset coming from Osprey

Games for French and Indian Wars 

& American War of Independence

Our friend Micke aka Dalauppror from Stockholm contacted me and asked if we'd like to play test draft rules he's working on with Daniel Mersey. Me and several others gamers from our Nopat & Taktiikka -club stood ready for action! It was quite easy for us, as we have played quite a lot of their previous rulesets like Lion Rampant and specially The Pikemans Lament (see my AAR's for the Russo-Swedish aka "Finnish War 1808"). 

Here's the announcement from Micke regarding this project. A small caption of it:

We are glad to announce that we (Daniel Mersey and Michael Leck) are once again teaming up with Osprey Games to bring you a new set of wargaming rules! 

Rebels and Patriots will be a set of easy to learn and fast-moving miniature wargaming rules offering you the chance to lead small armies of soldiers across the North American continent in the late eighteenth to mid-nineteenth centuries. The rules are written with a focus at conflicts on the North American continent from The French and Indian War (1754–1763), through The American War of Independence (1775-1783), War of 1812 (1812–1815), Texas Revolution (1835-1836), Mexican–American War (1846-1848), up to the American Civil War (1861-1865).

Read on to see the pics and learn about how we experienced the draft rule set.

Wednesday, 27 December 2017

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED: Race for finishing 250 , I mean 300 miniatures in 2017

Completing painting projects

On 2nd of January I wrote in my blog:

"I want to make a promise for myself for 2017: I will finalize most of the miniatures I start / have started painting earlier."

So now I'm trying my best to live up to this promise and have a "race" going to finish a total of 250 miniatures this year. As you can see from the picture, there's a lot to finish (ok some of them are really quite finished, but I just want to give them a final check).

I started my race around mid December and at that time my count was 170 finished miniatures. I will update this post daily to track the progress. You can also track it in Instagram, my insta-account is "wanhaherrat".

Monday, 18 December 2017

Saga Limes Campaign Year 3: Is the tide turning?

Winter onslaught by Picts!

After mainly losing against Rome, barbarians had brooded on big plans and as the cold white season descended to Britain, those mad Picts charged forward, en masse! Oh dear...
Stand firm sons of Rome!