torstai 27. huhtikuuta 2017

KoW: Da Big Bashin!

Orcs rule!

Had my second Kings of War -game this year. Played again against Kim's Varangurs (Chaos warriors kind offs).

See pics from the game below (currently in quite a random order). It got me wanting to paint more of these raging greenskins...

maanantai 24. huhtikuuta 2017

Battle of Siikajoki 16.4.1808

Finns to the offensive!

All set for the next episode in our "Finnish War 1808-09" or Suomen  Sota -Campaign...

Ken joen rannall' on tuo miesi ylhäinen,
jok' yli vetten, maiden katsahtaapi?
Jo ryhti, huulten uhka, säihke silmien,
kädessä miehekkäässä miekka tulinen
urosta, sotilasta muistuttaapi.
Hän yksinään on, ilman seuraajaa,
mies nuori tullen mennen herrallensa
vain aika ajoin sanaa kuljettaa;
mut takan ja eessä kaksi armeijaa
veristä surmaa uhkaa toisillensa.
Hän tuosa näkee Siikajoen maiseman
niin kolkkona kuin ruumiin laudoillansa,
hän Suomen sodan muistaa vielä kolkomman,
häpeän, paon, hylyks jääneen kunnian
ja ryssäin pilkkanaurun takanansa.
Se syynä, miks niin synkkä otsa on,
miks varjo musta huolihunnun vetää
peitteeksi urhon jaloon muotohon;
hän näkee, kuinka Suomi, äiti turvaton,
nyt alttiiks jää, kun poikain miehuus pettää.

- Part of the poem "Adlercreutz" by Johan Ludvig Runeberg,

WIP: pictures added, report will follow...

tiistai 11. huhtikuuta 2017

Testing the New Saga Supplement: Aetius & Arthur

Roma Victor!

Since Hamburger Tactica, where I acquired the plastic Gripping beast box of late Romans and some metal blisters as well, I've been building up my 6 point late Roman Warband. So far I've played two games with them: 1 against Saxons played by Timo and one against Britons played by Sami. Below you'll find reports (WIP - first game done) from the games and my thoughts on how the roman board works. 

Arthur (Foundry) and his elites

Painting status 10.4.

lauantai 1. huhtikuuta 2017

Finishing miniatures

1808 Reinforcements: Jaegers for Finns and Russians

As my painting goal for this year is to FINISH  (including varnish) miniatures, that I'm painting, I sticked to completing these Russian jaegers in a one go (= not leaving them almost finished). I also did the final touches for some Savolax jaegers, that had been "almost finished" since November 2016.

So here they are ready for the game tomorrow:

Some WIP pictures from the painting process:

maanantai 20. maaliskuuta 2017

Super Gaming Week: Game 3.

The long waited

"Finnish War 1808-09" (Suomen Sota) 


It was in last September, when this fire was really ignited. I had been slowly collecting some minis for the Russo-Swedish War 1808-09 (where Finland was torn away from being part of Sweden and annexed to the Russian Tzardom), but visiting The Little Wars Club in Stockholm really kicked this project on. They introduced us to  the Pikeman's Lament rules system based on the successful Lion Rampant -system. Miniature painting (and buying more) started after the trip and then we just had to wait for the Pikeman's Lament ruleset to be published...

Now were finally all set and played the first battle as presented in the excellent gaming resource by Sword and Sabre -publishing : 16.4.1808 Battle of Yppäri (Pyhäjoki).

Super Gaming Week Game 2.

Banish the Daemons!

My second game of the week was my  Imperial Agents vs. Antti's Khorne Army - very fluffy indeed!